Profiling a CCPE

CCPE leaders are

Physicians who hold health care leadership positions and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and education required to lead effectively in health care’s challenging environment.


Unique knowledge, skills, and experience required

  • Direct oversight/accountability for a significant budget
  • Quality improvement/risk management at the system level
  • Human resources management, e.g., hiring/firing/mentoring
  • Policy development/management and political processes
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Change, innovation, and systems transformation


Positions CCPEs occupy

CCPEs may be found leading in many types of organizations, with typical positions described below.


Hospital/health region/system

  • President/Chief Executive Officer (most responsible person in the organization)
  • Chief of Staff/Chief Medical Officer (most senior responsible physician in the organization, reports to the Board)
  • Vice-President, Medical Affairs/Medicine (senior medical leader, reports to CEO, responsible for medical human resources recruitment, retention, management, and resource allocation)
  • Vice-President, Other (reports to CEO, primarily responsible for issues other than physicians, for example, VP, Quality Assurance, VP, Regional Programs)
  • Department Head, Chief of Service (reports to VP Medicine/Chief of Staff, primarily responsible for physician issues including allocation of resources)
  • Medical Program Director (reports to VP, primarily responsible for operational areas including allocation of resources)


University/provincial or national health system

  • Senior Academic Leader (reports to the Dean)
  • College Registrar
  • Medical Officer of Health
  • Assistant Deputy or Deputy Minister (senior leadership roles in government)
  • National health association CEOs or VPs (senior responsible operational role in the organization)


Experience required by CCPEs

CCPEs are required to have a minimum of 5-10 years of progressively responsible health care leadership experience depending on the credential route they choose. As well, CCPEs must show evidence of accomplishments that have had an impact on the health care system at multiple levels.


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